Phantom is a tour de force – on until 3rd June

Phantom of the Opera – World Class

A few weeks ago a guest staying at Liz at Lancaster & who is a musical-aholic, told me he had seen ‘Phantom of the Opera’ SEVENTEEN times – in NY, London and now the night before at Monte Casino, his 2nd time in SA. And he thought it was the best performance he had ever seen.

I had never seen Phantom so on his recommendation and with high expectations, I went with a friend (also a Phantom novice). We were completely bowled over. Apart from that wonderful music, the stage sets and costumes were just amazing, but most gut wrenching of all was Johnathan Roxmouth’s rendition of the Phantom. Just an extraordinary performance.

Really don’t miss it if you can help it. It’s been extended until 3rd June.


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