Piece in the Firs, Rosebank

Piece: a gem of a shop selling beautifully designed hand crafted items

NB Now moved to Ellis House 23 Voorhout St Doorfontein

Pay the store a visit even if you don't buy anything Piece now moved to Ellis House Doornfontien Source:
Pay the store a visit even if you don’t buy anything
Piece has now moved to Ellis House Doornfontien Source: Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

Piece used to be in the Firs in Rosebank but as of 2017 has moved to new premises in Ellis House Doornfontein. Piece is one of Joburg’s most special shops run by a remarkable woman.  Their printed ‘brochure’ says it all:

Expect the unexpected – pieces with attitude where old meets new, and contemporary design meets ancient tradition

Started by Eugenie Drakes in 2000,  Piece showcases a variety of South Africa’s exquisitely crafted handmade items. Much of the range is highly individual, bold and quirky (expect the unexpected) but all demonstrate a fine sense of design – where the contemporary meets the traditional.  

Eugenie has worked with urban and rural community groups throughout Southern Africa on product development, business training and mentoring,  with the emphasis on sustainability.

Her clientele attests to the success and exclusivity of the Piece project.  Now how’s this for a list of the rich and famous:

  • Elton John
  • Michele Obama
  • Bill Clinton
  • Lira
  • Graca Machel

amongst others. 

Baskets, objet d'art, and much more besides at Piece Source:
Baskets, objet d’art, and much more besides at Piece Source: Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

And Eugenie has a long history in the craft industry in South Africa.

  • was a resource person at the Africa-India Summit in Ethiopia in 2011
  • participated in a craft exchange programme in New Delhi at the beginning of 2012
  • is on the Board of the Siyazisiza Trust and the Southern Guild Design Foundation.
  • was selected to participate in the Goldman Sachs-GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science) 10 000 Women Certificate Programme for Women Entrepreneurs
  • is an enterprise mentor at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg
  • has been invited as a mentor on the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Mentoring Women in Business Programme.  

So this woman knows her oats … to mix metaphors horribly!   

So treat yourself to a visit to Piece which can now be found at Ellis House 23 Voorhout St Doornfontein.  This is a very new venue so access is not always consistent so best to phone before  083 400 5126

On the first weekend of every month Piece hosts special pop-up shopping events (on Sat from 09:00–17:00 and on Sun from 09:00–16:00) that include wine tastings, storytelling and a chance to meet-the-makers.

It is one of Joburg’s ‘must do’s’.

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One thought on “Piece in the Firs, Rosebank

    How do you measure greatness?
    Like the way the seedling breaks its way through concrete and sees God’s light for the first time.
    God put into a lonesome hut, in the hamlet of Qunu, the seed of a man, one man to stand against an apartheid Empire. He fulfilled his duties as a herd boy, innocent of the fate of his people and the obstacles he would have to face, in his journey through life. He went amongst his brethren and looked upon their suffering and must have thought, “why do we suffer, we are not animals”. His tormented mind, driven by determination to free his people set his feet upon a path. A path that would see him jailed for 27 years. Each new day would bring hope, hope to quench the thirst for freedom. As the day unfolded, hope would be dashed, by the hard labour of breaking rocks and the resultant gnarled hands. And there came a day, after 27 years, he was a free man. In his heart would be the burning desire to seek revenge, but like the seedling, he could see God’s light, for he could see His whole purpose. The light of God burned brighter than the desire for revenge. The whole world watched with bated breath as he negotiated the freedom of his people into a rainbow nation, and they called it, a miracle. A man who once sat in a desolate, claustrophobic cell now walked with prime ministers, presidents and kings. His radiance of that refracted ray of light has shone on every one of us. His death should not extinguish it but each one of us should carry this light to eternity.
    R G Subramoney (05/12/2013)
    50 Silvermount Circle
    Chatsworth Cell 0798764038

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