Richard Penn and other is showing at a really interesting group exhibition at Arts on Main

Richard Penn’s exhibition at David Krut

Revolving Exhibitions from DKW part 2 i is showing at David Krut Projects at Arts on Main  during April and May.
Johannesburg-based artist, Richard Penn, started working at DKW on this series of monotypes in 2010. Using nature magazines and images of the known universe captured by the Hubble Telescope as his references, he explores the simultaneity of macroscopic and microscopic scale. His interest in the origins of the universe is captured in the soft grey areas of his monotypes that are reminiscent of static seen on television. This static is said to be a result of radiation that is still travelling through space after the birth of the universe, also known as the Big Bang.

The artist investigates our limited understanding of reality in terms of scale and distance.

Others on the show include new work by Richard Penn, Whitney McVeigh, Claire Gavronsky, Colbert Mashile, Bronwen Findlay and the fourth collaboration between William Kentridge, Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky.

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