Sandboarding the Mine Dumps

Sandboarding the mine dumps

More from Adi Goeller’s great weekly Newsletter: Fifty Two – weekly things to do and see in Joburg Below from his latest newsletter no 39

  • This week’s pick: Sandboarding the Gold Mines
  • Genre: Pure rush
  • What: Johannesburg’s gold mining days produced man-made mountains of soft yellow sand – these wildly recognised dunes, dotted about the East and South Rand, are composed of ever so finely crushed rock. These desert like beauties are disguised by towering blue gum forests and unattractive shrubs but the treasure of the 21st century (the steep unspoilt dunes) are gold in a city where you’re looking for new and interesting things to do. These ‘seemingly ugly’ mounds call for another type of rush.
  • FiftyTwo review: To be fair sandboarding isn’t snowboarding but definitely still encourages extreme action and satisfaction. You’ll be strapped into a snowboard, given a short briefing and nudged on your way. As soon as you’ve got the hang of keeping low and balanced you’re able to get daring, fast and skillful. With powder like sand and clean tracks this place is something you’ll be proud of in Joburg – firstly it’s ruggedly beautiful and secondly it’s one of the few places hosting an opportunity to learn the international sport in SA. This is an adrenalin rush, your blood will pump, you’ll want more. If you’re thinking ‘try hard’ sandboarding – you’re wrong.
  • Tip: Be sure to take your old skiing mask in case a wind whips up the sand – it can get nasty.
  • Interesting fact: Over 200 mine dumps are visible around our town – some over 50m in height. Plans are afoot to reclaim gold from them, which will change the face of Joburg – so get boarding while you can.
  • Where:Mount Mayhem in Benoni.
  • Book: R250 per person – includes board and great instructors. Times are from 10:30 to 15:30 – but you can board as long as you like. Call Marco from Pure Rush Industries on 082 605 1150 to book a ride.


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