Sediba Australopithecus goes on display again at Maropeng, Cradle of Humankind

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  • What? The fossils of Australopithecus sediba The adult female specimen, MH-2, will feature in a new display called More secrets of sediba revealed, along with other fossils from the Malapa site in the Cradle of Humankind
  • Where? They will be exhibited once again at Maropeng
  • When? from September 9 to September 26.
  • How do we get to see them? There will be tours which will be led by one of the experts behind the new research and they will provide  insights into some of the findings that have been made. The tour begins at 16h0
  • How much?  R350 per person and will be followed by a dinner at  Maropeng Hotel.
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