Silver linings

Remember, remember the 5th December 

Whereas the old English nursery rhyme (referring to the attempted overthrow of  the English Parliament on 5th November 1605), continues with “the Gunpowder Treason, and Plot’, our local 21st century ditty should rather continue “Giant Hailstones, Pelting Rain and a Gale”.  The force of nature was unleashed on parts of Johannesburg in early December last year, lashing some parts of the western suburbs with torrential rain, howling winds and a ferocious hail storm. Canvas awnings and umbrellas were torn, windows broken, roofs collapsed and leaks abounded, to say nothing of the damage to gardens.  Some areas to the west of Craighall Park were much more severely impacted with serious damage to infrastructure (power-lines down, roads washed away, buildings flooded). 

It was sudden, swift and savage
From rain to hail
Trying to keep drains, troughs and sumps clear of hail and leaves was a challenge

But a friend of mine, who always sees the positives, truncates the proverb ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ down to a two worder: “silver linings”, in this case –  hail is rich in nitrogen and regenerates the soil.  But although the shrubs and larger plants will come back,  many newly planted seedlings were simply shredded beyond recovery:

A guest took a photo of this beautiful lily on the morning of the storm
And the lily is no more
This strelitzia in a pot by the back garden path was exposed, so the leaves were damaged
This pot was protected by the building so the strelitzia escaped undamaged









After the storm 

And the clean up begins 

What a stirling job Elliot and Mr T did 

Over 6o large refuse bags collected
And still counting

Watch this space for a revived garden …. 

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3 thoughts on “Silver linings

  1. Wow. That was the day I left for Kenton so I missed it but the horizon was black in the West as I drove the N1

  2. Jude you were VERY lucky you were not caught in it. A guest staying with us who has been a pilot on big planes for decades said he had never seen a storm like it in all his years of flying … and that it was the kind of storm that, as a pilot, you made sure that you diverted the plane.

  3. We were so lucky it seemed to not want to visit the East of Joburg but rather circle us. Sorry that you had to experience this but new beginnings are a great way to start the New Year.

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