Soccer works its magic again

Local Game at Soccer City

Two Australian guests staying here at Liz at Lancaster were determined to see Soccer City and to experience a local game. The Chiefs/Pirates match on Saturday night gave them the perfect opportunity.  They booked their tickets and set off to Soweto, Richard supporting the Chiefs and Pippa wearing a Pirates bandanna.  I was green with envy and could have kicked myself for not being as ‘on the ball’ as they were.

The next day at breakfast they regaled us with their experiences.  They revelled in the music, the line of 5 large sexy women doing a ‘Conga’ shimmy in the aisle, the spectator gear and makarapas , and the sheer electric enthusiasm and positive energy which permeated the whole stadium.  Their ‘divided’  loyalties  caused much interest, banter and humorous interaction – such a contrast to the unpleasant undercurrent of potential violence and aggressive clashes between rival supporters so often associated with big soccer games internationally.

A Chiefs supporter sitting next to Richard was deeply despondent at one stage and got so agitated when his team was losing [the game ended in a draw], that the large motherly woman behind him gave him a reassuring neck and shoulder massage to try and relieve his tension!

This was one of the many heart-warming vignettes that Richard and Pippa  will take home  when they return to Australia. They had a complete blast and would recommend the fun-filled experience to all visitors.  So before your visit to Joburg, check out if there any upcoming games scheduled and make sure you get tickets.

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