South Africa’s Classic FM finds fans in New York

Liz at Lancaster’s radio guide results in US visitors tuning in to Classic FM on their return home

Recently we had guests from New York stay here at Liz at Lancaster, one of whom was Molly-Vivian Huang, an accomplished concert pianist.   They were visiting South Africa for a niece’s wedding up near Kruger,  and I wrote to them on their return to ask how it all went. I was delighted to get this response from Molly:

The Ochre Studio was a pure delight: clean, cozy, relaxing, quiet and secluded.  What a fantastic “home” away from home!  On the first evening, we  [found]  FM102.7 the classical music station listed in your handy Info Book.  We ate-in the second evening almost just so we could avail of this simple pleasure of rest and relaxation we found so therapeutic!  On the third night, we met up for dinner with our sister at the Cnr Road Café down the road.  Quite convenient to learn from our niece, a Mozambique resident,  and also [found]  through again, your lovely Info Book.

You won’t believe it, but since our first few days after arriving back home, we found ourselves tuning in again to FM102.7 on our IPAD;  and minus the delicious rusks you have so kindly home-baked for your guests and the special blend of coffee, you’d think we’re back at the Ochre studio by Liz at Lancaster!!

And most exciting of all, Molly is going to send me one of her CDs.

We are very fortunate to have so many interesting and talented people stay with us at Liz at Lancaster.

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