Spring is here: another wonderful day at the National Botanical Gardens


A chilled day in the sun Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

Yes we are spoilt. South Africa faces so many challenges, challenges with which both locals and the rest of the world are ALL  too familiar. However a day like this last Sunday makes up for a lot. In the spring, SAPPI a very large paper making public company, generously sponsors concerts at the National Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort, a some 45 minute drive from Liz at Lancaster.  The warm weather had finally arrived after a good month of very cold weather (well cold for us South Africans whose houses and shacks are not geared for cold weather), and the Soweto String Quartet were playing.


It was a glorious warm sunny spring day so Pam, who runs Amanzi Guesthouse around the corner, and I set off to get there at about 11 when I thought the concert started. As it turned out the concert only started at 1pm. so we had plenty of space and time to choose a spot, leave our things, and then meander through the gardens looking at the aloes in bloom. What a treat! An added bonus was to look through the telescope overseen by the dedicated people who run the black eagle project. More of that in another blog. But the female black eagle was on the nest with the only ‘chick’ which hatched in mid May.



And then back for the concert – a fabulous show by the Soweto String Quartet and then an added bonus of the Ekuruhleni Youth Choir led by Rolf Schimdt. They sang a whole range of songs and had the crowd eating of their hands. It was a fabulous day.

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