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  1. I liked your piece on theshop PIECE, a favorite of mine.
    That’s how I discovered you.
    Looking forward to hearing about more interesting places,

  2. Pleases you liked it Pamela. Recommended to guests staying here to pay a visit and they just loved it … bought far too much and then had to somehow fit it into their cases to take home to Australia and the States!!

  3. My husband and I got your name from Hilary Janks. She highly recommends your B & B. We will be arriving on March 22nd 2014 from Los Angeles and would like to stay one night. We leave for Windhoek on the 23rd morning. Can you let us know if you have availability? Thank you for your attention.
    Sincerely, Chie Lee

  4. I headed up a team of architects in Transnet that designed what was to be a museum of transportation for Transnet in Newtown. The project included the relocation of Klinkhamer’s steel & glass canopy structure from Esselen Park to Newtown, as mentioned in your blog. Unfortunately, circa 1991, funds to complete the project were not approved by the then executive of Transnet.

    Someone told me today that an article appeared in The Star or Business Day’s Property Section about two weeks ago to the effect that the completion of this project had been approved by Transnet. If you are aware of this I would appreciate it if you would provide more information. Regards, Basil Brink

  5. Hi Basil, Yes, I have also heard that at last a transport museum has been approved. I will try and find out more and come back to you. Now we seriously need a mining museum. Liz

  6. Thanks Liz. I am delighted to now be able to read more about my favourite city in the world!

  7. I would really like to know why the grey louries and crested barbets have sropped coming to my birdfeeder since a few weeks ago. They used to come without fail every day for their apples. I live in SANDTON. Nothing else in my garden has changed except perhaps the season. Thank you.

  8. Hi Liz
    I stay in Three rivers in Vereeniging. Just south of Johannesburg. In January this year a blue Indian ring neck started visiting us and has been here since.
    He/She eats here and makes a noise when there are dangers lurking, but sleeps elsewhere. We also have 2 feral cats that have been sterelised and he/she would make such a noise if they come near her feeder.
    I was just wondering what is going to happen in winter. Will “Blue” survive these cold winters that we have.
    This year we also have the paradise flycatcher that I saw on your website. They dive into our swimming pool, obviously catching something to eat.

  9. Wow! You’re lucky to have paradise fly catchers (catching little gnats over the pool?) Blue will survive I promise. They are incredibly hardy and he will just move to where it’s warmer – like pretoria or something! So don’t worry!

  10. Hi Liz
    A spot you might consider covering is the Casalinga Restaurant ( – on the large property you will also find Leafy Greens the vegan restaurant, our business The Green Bean Coffee Roastery (, and The Chocolatetier. People love coming here, because it’s as close to country as you will find NW of Joburg. They can walk freely on the 40 hectare plot, which has two organic gardens.
    Please call me if you want further information 0764698995.

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