The largest second hand bookstore (078 360 7749) in the Southern hemisphere in inner city Jozi

Collector’s Treasury Commissioner St

Collectors Treasury 8 story building located on Commissioner St. Source: The WorldElsewhere
Collectors Treasury 8 story building located on Commissioner St. Source: The WorldElsewhere

TO GET HOLD OF COLLECTORS’ TREASURY PHONE 078 360 7749 and please tell them how you got hold of their details – thank you!

I’m a sucker for second hand bookshops, actually I’m a sucker for bookshops, period. But if you want a real experience visit the Collectors’ Treasury in Commissioner St in Joburg’s eastern inner city.  It is located in an 8 story building – a very unprepossessing post-war structure, which is slightly further west of Arts on Main and the Maboneng precinct. I love it so much I have already included it in another blog post:

Collectors Treasury 3As you climb the steps from the front entrance on the street you know you have a treat in store.   It is lined from floor to ceiling with piles of books and that’s before you have even reached the shelved books.  And, despite having 8 floors  to house the books, with well over a million books, space is a real problem!  Collector’s Treasury is the largest used and rare book shop in the Southern Hemisphere.  It might seem that there is total chaos, but brothers Geoff and Jonathan Klass seem to know where everything is. All you have to do is ask and if they have it, they will find it. Collector’s Treasury has been in business since 1974 and in the present location since 1991.

Stay at Liz at Lancaster Guest House

Get the most out of your Johannesburg visit! Liz Delmont, owner & on-site manager is the right person to give you the low-down & point you in the right direction. Johannesburg In your Pocket describes her as “a maven on all things Joburg”. The guesthouse notice board is constantly updated with her recommendations on how best to spend your time in the city!

Liz at Lancaster's library has some interesting books on Johannesburg
Liz at Lancaster’s library has some interesting books on Johannesburg

Apart from running the guesthouse another hat I wear is that of heritage historian. I write history reports on Johannesburg heritage and have found some real gems here –  books which are out of print and have proved invaluable for my research. For example Anna Smith’s Johannesburg Street Names is the most amazing resource to have on my bookshelf at home.

And there are all sorts of other wonderful items – old vinyl records, ornaments, maps, periodicals, photographs and lots more wonderful ephemera.

So enjoy your excursion to this veritable hobbit’s treasure trove.  You could spend days ferreting around this pre-digital world.


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80 thoughts on “The largest second hand bookstore (078 360 7749) in the Southern hemisphere in inner city Jozi

  1. kindly search following titles:
    Peter Limb:The People’s Paper ,witspress
    The ANC’s Early History,Unisa Press 2010
    L. Switzer and D .Switzer: MThe Black Press In S.A. and Lesotho

  2. i am looking for grade 10 and 11 text books for physical science , mathematics , life sciences , history , English ,Afrikaans and life orientation … preferably the via afrika , focus and solutions for all publishers

  3. Hi

    I have a Wilbur Smith Hardcover collection to sell, they are all in top prestine condition and all the editions.

    Please contact me : 071 368 0303 Rene

  4. I’m looking for an Afrikaans book with the title – Die Kamma Stories by author Helene Pienaar-De Klerk. Can you help me?

    Japie Gouws 083 268 8395

  5. Hi I’m looking for second hand copies of the following books please.
    • ISBN: 9781775953500
    Title: Navigating Information Literacy 4E
    • Bovée, C.L. and Thill, J.V. 2012, Business Communication Today, 11th ed., Boston: Pearson.
    • Devine, J. and Egger-Sider, J. 2009, Going Beyond Google: the Invisible Web in Learning and Teaching,
    London: Facet.
    • Du Plooy-Cilliers, F., Davis, C. and Bezuidenhout, R. (Eds.), 2014, Research Matters, Cape Town: Juta.
    • Hartley, P. and Bruckmann, C.G. 2002, Business Communication, London: Routledge.
    • Hock, R. 2010, The Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook: A Guide for the Serious Searcher, 3rd ed.,
    Medford, NJ: Cyber Age Books.
    • Laudon, K.C. and Laudon, J.P. 2014, Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 13th ed.,
    Boston: Pearson.
    • Leedy, P.D. and Ormrod, J.E. 2013, Practical Research: Planning and Design, 10th ed., Boston: Pearson.
    • Locker, K.O. and Kaczmarek, S.K. 2006, Business Communication: Building Critical Skills, 3rd ed., Boston, MA:
    • Lutrin, B. and Pincus, M. 2009, English Handbook and Study Guide, Birnam Park: Berlut.
    • Olsen, K.A. 2013, How Information Technology Is Conquering the World: Workplace, Private Life, and Society,
    Lanham: Scarecrow Press.

  6. hi – Pls can you advise if you have a copy of Beekeeping in South Africa by RH Anderson, B.Buys & MF Johannsmeier

  7. am looking for grade 10 text books for physical science , mathematics , life sciences , history , English ,Afrikaans and life orientation.

  8. I have about eight large plastic containers filled with my loved books
    I have to move to a retirement cottage and cannot take them with me
    Do you purchase books?
    Do you arrange collection?

  9. Good Day, I’m looking for the book Captains courageous by Schikkerling
    into Kokerboom country, by Folbe

  10. On your site there is a post #27 of 2017 where Gershwin wants to sell some books. Is there some way to make contact to find out about the availability?

  11. Good afternoon
    I am looking for an Afrikaans book:
    Thank you

  12. Hi
    I am looking for :
    1. Marc Olden – Blown Away
    2 .Nora Roberts- Irish Thoroughbred
    3. Eric van Lustbader-
    •Master of the Orient .
    •Dragons on the Sea of Night
    4. Michael White – The Medici Secret
    5. Don Silverman:
    • Legends of Safed
    • Fall of the Shogun
    •The Black Dragon
    6. Herbert Burkholtz – The Snow Gods

  13. Good day i am looking for Strategic Management Towards Sustainable Strategies in Southern Africa 4th edition Oxford University Press. Strategic Management:
    ISBN 978 0 19072374 3

  14. Hi there. I have 40+ boxes of books to sell. Mostly crime novels, but also Art, Psychology and Afrikana

  15. Hi. I am looking for “Die Kamma Land Storie” written by Helene de Klerk. Can you please help? Thank you

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