The soccer spirit: what role do hawkers play?


hawkers 2010
Hawkers make the most of the nationalistic frenzy Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

In Jozi, on every suburban pavement, busy intersection and traffic island, is a group of hawkers selling flags, mirror covers, soccer glasses, beaded key rings  and all things promoting the national flag. It is in the traffic that most Jozi-ites purchase their symbols of support for Bafana Bafana and enter into the spirit of national festivity and pride.  I have been told that in Cape Town  hawkers have been removed from the streets. I have also been told that few Cape Town cars are emblazoned with the colours of South Africa’s national flag.  Is there then a direct connection between the sense of carnival festivity and display of national sentiment, and the way in which hawkers bring the symbols to people on the move in a fast busy city like Joburg?

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