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Little Maestros: introducing children to musical instruments

Peter and the wolfLittle Maestros
is a wonderful initiative to introduce small children to musical instruments: what they can do, how they sound, how they work and what they can play.  Once a month Little Maestros holds a one-hour concert which is a very interactive affair. While there’s a lot of chatting about the instrument that is the focus of the day, there is also a lot of time for interaction with the children playing the musical instruments they have brought along – shakers, triangles, drums, recorders … I wouldn’t say Richard Cock would rush to audition these young maestros. But that’s not the point.

The last Little Maestros introduced the brass instruments: French horn, tuba, trumpet, trombone, cornet etc.













The aim is to engender interest and involvement of kids from an early age with music, the orchestra and the joys of sound and rhythm. And in this it works. So far, some of the concerts have featured the piano; the violin; the guitar; the cello; the flute; the recorder; the clarinet; an amazing array of percussion instruments; as well as brass wind instruments. Kids love the opportunity of being close-up and even then getting to handle and try the instruments. 

The piano is always a favourite

Skoobs Bookshop, Monte Casino

Skoobs Bookshop Monte Casino
Skoobs Bookshop Monte Casino

The concerts are held on a Saturday morning at Skoobs Bookshop in Monte Casino. Although Monte Casino is not my usual stamping ground, Skoobs is a great venue for this event. There’s a coffee shop upstairs (which is where the little ‘theatre performance area’ is set up), so you can relax with a cappuccino as your youngsters shake rattle and roll with their triangles and castanets. And then they will be entranced by the small fish tank downstairs and an interactive display in the book area.  

Programme for 2017

Here is the programme for the rest of the year:

6th May: HANSEL & GRETEL (Opera singer)

3rd June: DOUBLE DELIGHT BASS (Double bass)

1st July: THE FOUR SEASONS (violin)

5th August: THE HAPPY HARP

2nd September: BEAUTIFUL BALLET (flute)


4th November: HARMONIOUS HANDEL (early instruments)

2nd December: CLASSIC CAROLS

It’s such a fun hour and the children love it.


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