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Madame Zingara

This week’s pick by Adrian of Fifty Two:  Bohemian and Burlesque

  • Genre: Theatre of Dreams
  • What: Get into character and dress to the extreme – the more outrageous, enchanting, intriguing – the better. This is Madame Zingara and anything goes. Well known for their uniqueness in staging a captivating cirque, a fine show, a feast to the eyes – there isn’t a theatrical extravaganza in South Africa like it. Think Cirque du Soleil, Oompa Loompas, Moulin Rouge, Midsummer Night’s Dream or Avatar – all things wild and wonderful define this show. Super natural creatures, exotic contortionists, magic, acrobats, colour and sound. Here, all engines fire.
  • FiftyTwo review: “Was that for real?” we ask after leaving the show’s merriment – our senses totally roused, imaginations soaring. This is enchantment. As you step into Victoria, the plush mirrored dome, you’re whirled into a world of dream, mystique and wonder. The love magic tour is sheer escape – known to rock audiences – we highly recommend you book today and with the edginess that is Joburg the show will take a form of allure unknown in other corners of this country. All boundaries are blurred, all art forms fused, all dance styles combined and music mixed. Welcome to the known and unknown, anticipate anything and ogle as theatre unravels as an illusion before you.
  • Tip: When you arrive go pick out some fanciful hats, wigs and moustaches from the Bijoux Boutique – their in-house dress up store – there’s something for everyone. If you don’t secure seats, just show up and it’s been known that Madame Zingara will sprinkle magic dust and somehow welcome each person waiting at their door.
  • Interesting fact: The tent was shipped in from Belgium and one of the few 1920’s Vaudeville originals left worldwide. It boasts mahogany walls and is framed in hand carved teak columns and stained glass windows. This wonderland has toured the globe for the last eight years.
  • Where: Melrose Arch
  • Book: October to February 2011 from Monday to Saturday – call the box office on 021 001 3366 but hurry. (Prices start at R350)
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