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Art exhibitions: What’s On


My walking buddy isn’t around this Saturday so I’m going to get an early start and hit the Parks art galleries. There is a lot on with some interesting walkabouts as well. 

  • In Birdhaven at In Toto there is an group exhibition entitled Cache including work by Michael Meyersfeld, Jane Eppel, Robert Hodgins, Arabella Caccia, Abdulrazaq Awofeso and others – so a real mixed bag. The exhibition closes on 15th July.
  • At Circa Deborah Bell is showing the prints that she produced at Caversham Press between 1991 and 2011. Her work is always a joy to revisit and her Caversham prints include her two collaborative series: Ubu 101 and Little Morals. This show comes down on the 20th July.
  • Across the road from Circa at the Everard Read Gallery, Lionel Smit’s Accumulation an exhibition of paintings working with the idea of likeness and the genre of portraiture, opened on the 4th July (closes 27th July).  At 10.30 on Sat 6th, the artist will conduct a walkabout of his paintings & sculptures. 
  • Shift-Poster-2Further up the art strip, Michael Smith’s exhibition Shift is showing at Res Gallery 140, Jan Smuts Ave. Smith became interested in how the reborn Pentecostal movement of Christianity came to embrace the language of rock music, with audiences swaying, hands in the air, to the strains of love songs played by rock bands.  Or, put another way, how Christianity came to accept an emotive, sexualised set of representations in order to capitalise on an increasingly secularized culture’. (Smith in his Artist’s statement for Shift.) This promises to be a really interesting exhibition.  Shift runs until 17th August. 
  •  STEPHEN HOBBS Artist Talk smallNext to ResGallery at 142 Jan Smuts Ave is David Krut Projects where Stephen Hobbs is showing his work. A challenging artist he is giving a lecture on his work and his engagement with the city of Johannesburg at David Krut on Wednesday 17th July.


  • And the most astonishing exhibition is Walter Oltmann‘s Penumbra at Goodman Gallery. Quite beautiful, technically astounding, provocative, unsettling, profoundly decorative and decoratively profound all at the same time, this exhibition is a complete MUST SEE. Make sure to get there before it closes on the 22nd July.
  • Across to the west of the Parks, at AOP [Arts on Paper], 44 Stanley, Jonah Sack’s is holding his 2nd solo exhibition at AOP entitled Philosophers and Kings.  This mixed media exhibition (drawings, sculptures, projected slides) deals tangentially with the historical and spatial geography of Joburg – with  its underlying tensions and contradictions.
  • And at 11 on Sat 6th at WAM [Wits Art Museum], Susan Woolf will conduct a walkabout of her exhibition Taxi Hand Signs: Symbolic Landscapes of Public Culture. For more on this exhibition see http://lizatlancaster.co.za/blog/more-on-south-africas-12th-official-language.
  • Running concurrently with Woolf’s exhibition at WAM is Tegan Bristow and Nathaniel Stern’s joint show Meaning in Motion. Comprising 8 works including 7 interactive digital installations, 4 by Stern entitled Body Language and 3 by Bristow: Chalk Vision, UNSAID and Dissonance at Six. Intellectually tight and sophisticated, this exhibition is at the same time accessible and engaging. 
  • Also in Braamfontein at Juta St, Paul Edmund‘s exhibition Season featuring multi-media works is on at the Stevenson Gallery until 9th August. According to the press release this exhibition ‘explores the artist’s sensory engagement with natural phenomena – light, shadow, form and gravity. Edmunds explores these ideas in his signature techniques of cut-out, geometric patterns, weaving and linocut, and revisits familiar objects such as weathered stones and skateboard wheels’.
  • And finally, one of my favourite artists Simon Stone has a retrospective exhibition opening at the Standard Bank Gallery in Joburg CBD on Wednesday 10th July.  The show will run until 14th September.


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