Two plays due to open at Market theatre on 21st August

As I have never seen it, I’m really looking forward to Athol Fugard’s Blue Iris due to open at the Market on 21st August.  It’s directed by Janice Honeyman with Graham Weir, Lee-Ann van Rooi and Claire Berlein.   Described in the press release:

Set in Fugard’s beloved Karoo, this tender story revolves around the gradual disintegration of a marriage through misunderstanding, neglect and disappointment as told in the reminiscences and regrets of widower farmer Robert Hannay and the heart-wrenching sadness of his loyal farm worker and wife’s companion – Rieta. The Blue Iris dissects the pain of missed opportunity and emotional disconnection touching us all to the core. It is Athol Fugard at his most honest, gentle and introspective.

The show runs until 7th October.  Remember that Greg Homann’s production of Ariel Dorfmann’s Delirium is also showing at the Market 21st Aug – 20th Sept.

Greg Homann is a great director who directed that amazing show The Pirates of Penzance (which is coming back for a re-run I believe), is putting on DeliriumDelirium by the Chilean playwright Ariel Dorfmann is billed as a ‘pertinent and playful allegory for the ethnic and nationalist divisions we see across the world.’  In a cosmopolitan country with eleven different official languages and xenophobia never far from the surface, this play will surely have relevance for 2012 South Africa.

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