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This week’s pick: Umuzi Photo Club

Genre: Photography exhibition
What: Mi Kasi es tu Kasi (My township is your township) is the title of the Johannesburg leg of the global Umuzi Photo Club exhibition – New York, London and now Joburg. This photographic exhibition showcases both undiscovered and underprivileged talent in South Africa. A photographic story of township life, seen through the eyes of school children, is the focal subject of the artwork. Scheduled Saturday morning classes equip learners with practical skills in photography and visual literacy, this opportunity allows for a unique creative outlet. Exhibition proceeds go towards improvements at the school with which Umuzi tuition happens.
FiftyTwo review:  Let’s momentarily forget that FiftyTwo are involved in the Umuzi Photo Club… From past experience this exhibition is a positive initiative to support. It’s artistic, emotive, storytelling. These exhibitions attract a buzzy atmosphere and the shared discussions conclude just how expressive the images really are. Not every shot is award winning but they’re true to life and detail an angle many viewers are generally sheltered from. The reality is these proud children live the scenes they capture and they’re exposing, through photography, the differences in each of our individual worlds. This is highly reflective, thought provoking work. The budding photographers will keenly show and tell – chat to them for a greater understanding of the images they’ve photographed. Expect a noisy, empowering and proudly South African evening.
Tip: Don’t miss the opening night this 9 June (hear Riaan Manser, tell of courage and perseverance through his inspired challenges cycling the perimeter of Africa, and circumnavigating Madagascar by kayak.) For intimate viewings visit anytime during the month of June – the exhibition runs for the duration of the World Cup.
Interesting fact: The tremendous turn out by Londoners attending the very recent London exhibition will help more learners in pursuing a career or passion in photography – these learners will expose themselves to a life changing medium of visual self expression.
Where: 44 Stanley Avenue
Book: Not necessary – opening night is Wednesday 9 June, 2010 – come along from 18:30 we look forward to seeing you. Day viewing & hours: 10 June to 11 July, 10:00 – 18:00
FiftyTwo: So-much-more week  Saigon Pho – an authentic Vietnamese restaurant is a luscious 44 Stanley eatery – not dissimilar to restaurants found in Nam itself.     Saigon Pho is generally a lunch time hang out, Saturdays seem popular so get there early. This cosy room is a special place to share a meal and if you book in advance they’ll stay open for private evening functions.The Vietnamese dishes are prepared to be enjoyed the authentic way – the signature dish is served just as it would be in Saigon and other towns. Try the beloved water based beef noodle soup, stewed for over 12 hours and prepared by a Vietnamese chef. Flavours are perfectly fused. Start with a pot of Dragon Pearl Tea, then await a serving of fresh spring rolls (you can’t find these on many Joburg menus) and finish off with a warm and hearty noodle dish sensation.



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