Waistband shrunk? Beat the festive season excess

UPDATED 17 Jan 2022 

Has the festive season taken its toll on the waist-line and fitness levels?  Liz at Lancaster is spoilt for choice as far as gyms, exercise studios and outdoor activities are concerned.  Oh dear …  I wish writing about exercise counted towards fitness levels! 

Gyms with a range of activities  

Body Mechanix 2 blocks from Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse


For a smaller more personal gym try John Meyer above Cnr Café (2 and a half blocks from the guesthouse).Speak to John on 082 342 3401.   In addition to the standard cardio and weights equipment, there’s also a full Pilates studio as well as access to health and wellness disciplines like biokinetics, physiotherapy, kinesiology and sports massage.    BodyMechanix  is a mere 2 blocks from Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse, at  119 Buckingham Ave. Much like John Meyer it’s a smaller personalized gym with Pilates and ballet classes as well as private training sessions. 

Pilates and Yoga studios

Pilates4U Delta Centre Craighall Park

Pilates4U is a studio at one my favorite of places: Delta Centre. The outlook is stunning – floor to ceiling glass windows looking out on to an enclosed garden with tranquil greenery.  Pilates4U also offer one-on-one classes – ideal for those who want to drop in on once-off basis.  Two guests from the UK went for a duet Pilates session there and said it was a good workout and was blissfully restorative and peaceful. Made them feel “like new”!   And, although expensive in South African rands, for those paying in British pounds and compared to the equivalent in the UK, it is very reasonable. Check their website for the rates for individual classes). And even better, it’s a wellness-in-one centre, as there is also a physio, Sue Seddon (083 655 1069) as well as an Occupational Therapist, Natalie Powell who specializes in hand and arm injuries and complaints. 

Pilates Here at 373 Jan Smuts Ave offers a range of Pilates classes – both mat and equipment.  And what is really special about this studio is that they offer home classes. You can enjoy a personalized private Pilates session in the comfort of your room right here at the guesthouse. How amazing is that?  Check their website for rates 

In the nearby Colony Centre is an excellent yoga studio:  Living Yoga offers Jivamukti, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. More details on these styles of yoga  It’s also ideal for guests staying at Liz at Lancaster as they offer drop-in classes at R150 per session.   

Outdoor activities 

The very first Park Run in South Africa was held at Delta Park in 2011. Started by Bruce Fordyce of Comrades fame, it has now grown to a field of over 1000 runners and walkers (some with dogs and children in push chairs) who meet at 8 am on a Saturday morning to embark on the 5km course. For more see Liz at Lancaster’s blog post

Park Run Delta Park every Saturday morning

And finally … there is a branch of  Run/WalkforLife which meets for three sessions a week (Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings) at the Craighall Primary School around the corner from Liz at Lancaster. Following  pre-marked routes, under the supervision of road leaders, this is ideal for those who do not want to walk on their own.  From their website: 

Run/Walk For Life was set up to cater for this huge group of people – those who are currently a little out of shape, want to get fit and shed a few kilograms, but feel uncomfortable or intimidated by joining their local gym or running club. 

So that is a good way to set the tone for 2020.  Now I need to move from my desk to the road, the park, the gym ….. which shall it be? 

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