Walk the talk: 50,000 Joburgers take to the streets


Yesterday, Joburger’s took to the streets in force: 702’s Walk the Talk saw 50,000 people enter the various events: 5km, 8km, 21 km and 30 km.  For those doing the 30km race it was bitterly cold (0°) at the race start at 7.30 am, but temperatures warmed up during the day to a high of 16°. A U.K. participant wearing shorts was interviewed saying that he did not know that Africa ever got cold and all he had packed were T shirts and shorts !!!  (So those of you coming from overseas, be warned – check the weather before you come. There is a direct link to local Gauteng weather forecast on my website www.lizatlancaster.co.za). At the 702 event, traffic was very congested at the start and the finish, but once on the road, walkers enjoyed a festive atmosphere, with those taking part saying what a great spirit and vibe there was and how good it was to get out en-masse on suburban roads and contribute to a community of Jozi walkers.  

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