Watch the evening sky over the next couple of weeks


Mercury and Venus in the night sky

Watch Mercury overtaking Venus early evenings this week.   As it starts to get dark, look over to the west for the very bright “evening star” – Venus.  Venus is so bright it can be seen in twilight. As the earth turns you will see:

  •  Mercury appearing as a relatively bright ‘star’ below left of Venus
  • first Mercury then Venus setting
  • Jupiter rising above the eastern horizon as another extremely bright “star”

If you watch this over the next two weeks, you’ll notice the movement of the planets: Mercury will move upwards each evening towards Venus, then appear to reverse and move back down towards the horizon.

  • Friday evening (28th Oct) look out for the young crescent Moon above Mercury and Venus.

Happy planet gazing  🙂

With thanks to the Joburg Planeterium for the info.



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