We love Liz at Lancaster because…..

We get constant positive feedback from guests with lots of positive comments. These are reinforced by our ranking on Tripadvisor and our on-line reviews, our occupancy rates, the word of mouth referrals, and the high number of repeat guests. Here are some of our guest comments:  

Coffee and rusks

“Please please will you sell me some of your coffee to take home to the States. Yours is sooo good.” Sam from LA . She wasn’t very polite about American coffee!! 

And a request to buy some rusks from Brenda who said we should package them and offer them for sale. We gave her some as a gift … made with love and care by Mr. T.

Home-baked rusks and good quality filter coffee. What a way to start the day!

In-house toiletries

And a third request for items to buy … our amazing brand of organic toiletries 

Rosemary and mint washes and shampoo, orange and ginger room spray and Citronella insect spray

The allure of the swimming pool

With the sudden arrival of the hot weather the sparkling swimming pool has proved a winner with parents and children alike. Here a couple of boys enjoy working off energy in the water. 

Summer is here again

The birds at the feeder

And of course the birds provide an endless source of pleasure for guests (birders and non-birders alike) while they breakfast on the patio overlooking the garden. Each species is catered for with its special diet: Seeds for the weavers, bishops and sparrows; bananas for the comical go-away birds with their crests and their endearing clumsiness; apples for the barbets; any fruit for the starlings; suet and bonemeal for the insectivorous feeders: thrush, robins, green wood hoopoes, boubou shrike. The doves and pigeons bob around the ground alternating pecking what’s fallen off the feeder, competing for the same seed amongst thousands, and conducting mating dances with puffing chest, bobbing neck and somewhat desperate cooing. 

A rose-ringed parakeet, glossy starling and a go-away bird
My personal favourite are the Rosy-faced lovebirds … a pair who come at the same time in the afternoon. alert me to their arrival with a discreet little chirp, and are devoted to each other. A masked weaver on the right, waiting for his turn at the seed feeder. They don’t call it ‘the pecking order” for nothing!

Forgive the quality of the photograph but the little lovebirds are skittish and I can’t get too close. Lovebirds, found in the Northern Cape near Namibia, have become feral in Johannesburg having escaped from captivity.  I’ve written before about the charming but sad story of the friendship between the Lovebird and the Parakeet in nearby Delta Park.  

The noisy greedy gregarious wood hoopoes (iNhlekabafazi in Zulu ie cackling women or kakelaars in Afrikaans)

The garden and all its joyous colour, abundant greenery and lush plants 

Riot of colour
Splashes of orange clivias
Giant arums, wisteria and our new solar garden lights

Our measures to deal with loadshedding 

Severe load shedding (like stage 6) provides its challenges but guest are amazed at how the measures we have in place, mitigate the inconvenience. The gate to the property is on battery; the intercom from gate to staff and reception, and from rooms to staff and reception is backed up; there are strong motion sensor solar lights in the parking areas on the paths and outside each room; back-up lighting provides indoor lighting; and perhaps most important of all, the internet and wi-fi are on back-up so guests can continue to work, What’s App, and stream.  With a gas hob in the main kitchen, breakfasts continue as usual. For any extended outage guests have access to back-up plugs in reception. 

Uninterrupted water supply during recent outages 

Electricity outages one can handle but water shortages are another matter. Again guests comment on the seamless transition from municipal water supply (or non-supply when there is an outage) to our borehole source. And our newest addition of 2 X 5000L tanks should reduce our high water bill significantly  (between 4 and 4.7 thousand rand a month) and ensure ongoing water supply from either borehole in the dry winter months or rain water during the wet summer season. Fully filtered tanks enable the borehole as an ongoing supply and not simply for emergencies. 


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5 thoughts on “We love Liz at Lancaster because…..

  1. Oh Liz it all sounds and looks like a little piece of Heaven, well done and may you continue to please many.

  2. Oh Well Done, Liz and team. I see you’ve kept ahead of the energy & water challenges and maintained – even improved on – what i so clearly remember. The garden looks idyllic, with an amazing variety of birds. Makes me rather 2nd-homesick.

  3. I get so much pleasure from reading your blog and all the information about the wonderful environment at LizatLancaster. Thank you for sending it to me.

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