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Outdoor jungle gym Outdoor fun at Sandton Field and Study Posted on The Field and Study Centre, Parkmore Many decades ago I would join friends with a bottle of wine, some bread… Read more Close up 20 June 2016 Do your research before booking accommodation for post-operative recuperation Posted on Liz at Lancaster is the perfect place to stay Hospitals near Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse   Rosebank Clinic 3km from Liz at… Read more Kingsmead book fair 2016 Paying for an expensive SUV with income from selling kotas … Posted on Kota Festival Soweto 16-17 September  Kota Festival at the Soweto Theatre 16-17 Sept 2017   I love channel 702, although… Read more Beads and bags Four days (five nights) in Joburg and still lots to see Posted on From Joburg CBD, to the birth of humankind to Sandton glass status symbols – they saw it all Parakeets, green… Read more Thai massage The Rosebank Rooftop market is back and it’s better than ever! Posted on What used to be called the Rosebank Rooftop Market is now the Rosebank Sunday Market  and it’s a fabulous place to… Read more IMG_4663 Artist Proof Studio:an affordable place to start a collection Posted on Artist Proof Studio is the amazing community based arts organization founded by Kim Berman and Nhlanhla Xaba (who died tragically… Read more AK 47s Beadworkers make a Casspir into an artwork Posted on The Casspir project – transformation from symbol of hate and fear to aesthetic object to be admired for its riot… Read more Homeless Betwells Refuge Refuge – how many people lack all 5 of Maslow’s needs? Posted on Refuge – the Essop brothers’ exhibition at the Goodman Gallery 2017 A photographic and installation exhibition by the brothers Essop:Hasan… Read more Tiber rome cropped Kentridge’s Tiber murals and the woodcuts at David Krut Posted on The Making of Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts: Mantegna, The Flood, and Lampedusa I was fortunate enough to have seen Kentridge’s monumental mural on the… Read more 08 The illicit becomes mainstream: graffiti in Joburg Posted on Past Experiences  and Joburg graffiti tours  Over 2 years ago I joined a fascinating tour of graffiti in Newtown with… Read more
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