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Duiker Take a walk on the wild side Posted on Do all great projects have such humble beginnnings?  I’m an artist, and Pablo is my dog. He’s the reason I… Read more Outdoor jungle gym Outdoor fun at Sandton Field and Study Posted on The Field and Study Centre, Parkmore Many decades ago I would join friends with a bottle of wine, some bread… Read more Beads and bags Four days (five nights) in Joburg and still lots to see Posted on From Joburg CBD, to the birth of humankind to Sandton glass status symbols – they saw it all Parakeets, green… Read more Thai massage The Rosebank Rooftop market is back and it’s better than ever! Posted on What used to be called the Rosebank Rooftop Market is now the Rosebank Sunday Market  and it’s a fabulous place to… Read more 08 The illicit becomes mainstream: graffiti in Joburg Posted on Past Experiences  and Joburg graffiti tours  Over 2 years ago I joined a fascinating tour of graffiti in Newtown with… Read more Gandhi exhibition Con Hill Gandhi, Johannesburg and the birth of Satyagraha Posted on Following the prisoner with garlands of flowers He must have cut a strange figure. A small man in prison clothing… Read more info_golf Johannesburg: a golfer’s paradise … 11 in 15 Posted on How many urban metropolises have so many golf courses in such close proximity? And not many places have the stunning… Read more PaputzisI Old fashioned neighbourhood buzzes with new energy Posted on Linden: a little gem Linden, a little jewel of a suburb with an interesting history, is a mere 6km from… Read more Boardroom overhang Last stop Nando’s on inner city tour Posted on Tour of Joburg with JDA arranged by Laurice Taitz I was delighted when Laurice Taitz, the mover and shaker behind… Read more 2017-02-26 11.51.35 Irene Dairy Farm – ‘where cows milk themselves’ Posted on Irene Dairy Farm, a working dairy farm 45 minutes from Liz at Lancaster, has been in the Van Der Byl… Read more
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