Guest Review: Liz at Lancaster in Craighall Park – great stay with children

22 years later….

Liz at Lancaster is lucky enough to have an amazing clientele:

  • Lots of repeat guests many of whom have become almost like family as we welcome new members of the next generation to stay with us.
  • A few weeks ago we had guests come back to stay after being out of South Africa for 10 years
  • Some business guests book accommodation with us before they arrange their meeting dates
  • Others get out of the car on arrival and say ‘I’m home.’ A great compliment.
  • We are also fortunate to get very nice reviews on TripAdvisor. Recently a guest came to South Africa to adopt her second son (she already had a delightful adopted 6 year old) and her sister came out with her. What a lovely family.

And Kim wrote such an extensive review of Liz at Lancaster and all the activities for children nearby that I thought I must post it.

TripAdvisor review from Kim [photos from Liz]:

Garden Cottage - originally an early 20th Century farm worker's cottage
Garden Cottage – originally an early 20th Century farm worker’s cottage Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

I was in South Africa from the U.S. to help my sister care for her two little boys (one newly adopted) and was fortunate that she arranged for us to stay at LizatLancaster. I was able to join her for two weeks and loved the accommodations there. She stayed in the cottage, and I was just a few yards away in the Earth Room. We each had our own little courtyards. She had a full kitchen/living room, bedroom, and bathroom. I had a studio with a partial kitchen and bathroom. It was beautifully furnished and extremely comfortable. 

Bird feeder in Liz at Lancaster's garden - seeds, nuts, fruit, suet and left over bread Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse
Bird feeder in Liz at Lancaster’s garden – seeds, nuts, fruit, suet and left over bread. Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

The guesthouse is surrounded by a security wall and inner courtyard as well as a lovely garden (saw beautiful birds every morning at breakfast). There was also a pool, but we couldn’t use to due to our winter stay. We had a lovely breakfast every morning in a room overlooking the garden and pool. The food was amazing–best fried eggs I’ve ever had and a beautiful bowl of fresh fruit every morning. Liz, the owner, would stop by to ask us about our previous day and offer helpful suggestions about the day to come. I was impressed that the rooms were cleaned every day. Also, one of the staff members (Mr. T.) is often available to drive. When he wasn’t, Liz referred us to a trusted taxi driver who treated us very well.  

Spar Grocery store at the end of the block - 5 minute walk from Liz at Lancaster
Spar Grocery store at the end of the block – 5 minute walk from Liz at Lancaster Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse
Jumping castle at AJ’s in Craighall Park Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

The location of Liz at Lancaster was superb. We felt very safe and the neighborhood was lovely. We were only a five minute walk from the grocery store, Spar.

We were able to walk to another shopping area with restaurants. In addition, Delta Café was only a 20 minute walk away (right next to a park).   

Liz told us about a restaurant named A.J.s that was only about a 15 minute walk away that had a jumping castle for the little ones and good food–as well as drinks for the grown ups. 

The staff (Katherine, Thandy, Mr. T., and … forgetting all the names) was attentive and everybody was so sweet with my nephews. I would highly recommend LizatLancaster for anybody staying in the Joburg area. I look forward to a return trip to South Africa at some point and will definitely be staying with Liz!

Thank you Kim and we do so hope our paths will cross again as with Tracy, Isaac and Jonah.  What a privilege to be part of the joy.

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