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Thai massage The Rosebank Rooftop market is back and it’s better than ever! Posted on What used to be called the Rosebank Rooftop Market is now the Rosebank Sunday Market  and it’s a fabulous place to… Read more Gandhi exhibition Con Hill Gandhi, Johannesburg and the birth of Satyagraha Posted on Following the prisoner with garlands of flowers He must have cut a strange figure. A small man in prison clothing… Read more Shwe Shwe Where can we buy Shweshwe? Posted on This was the first question I was faced with recently at the breakfast table. Guests wanted to buy Sheshwe cloth… Read more 2016-11-05-10-32-26-hdr A Johannesburg Victorian jewel in the midst of high rise flatland – the Windybrow Posted on Jozi heritage site: Windybrow A few months ago I set off to Doornfontein on the edge of Hillbrow, to join… Read more 20 Vege sellers Kliptown: the forgotten stepchild of Soweto Posted on Kliptown: Soweto’s Cinderella Candice Madondo outside Mighty Evolution Kids Nursery Preschool Liz at Lancaster 2016 I wrote last year about the… Read more 2-dragon-weaved-through-crowd Chinese New Year in Jozi Posted on Chinese New Year  For many who don’t know the history and context of Chinese New Year it seems to be… Read more 27 Gasworks 2 Cathedrals of industry with Joburg Heritage Foundation Posted on Johannesburg Heritage Foundation runs great tours The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation is the most amazing activist/educational/heritage/tourism organization which, amongst other activities,… Read more Old PArk station Usually the train moves but with Park Station it’s been the building that moves Posted on Park Station then: and now … History of Park Station Johannesburg’s first railway station , commissioned by the Zuid Afrikaansche… Read more mosque & church 017 A mosque and a church: two beautiful buildings in Midrand Posted on Russian Orthodox Church and Turkish Mosque in Midrand Towards the end of last year I went on a tour with… Read more Uitvalgrond Johannesburg – the spaces ‘in between’ Posted on The space in-between or the uitvalgrond formed old Joburg city centre I found an interesting article by Bettina Malcomess on… Read more
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