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Thai massage The Rosebank Rooftop market is back and it’s better than ever! Posted on What used to be called the Rosebank Rooftop Market is now the Rosebank Sunday Market  and it’s a fabulous place to… Read more Red City Bus (1) Catch the Red City Bus from Rosebank Posted on City bus tours give best quick overview of a city  Even seasoned travellers who don’t like to be seen as… Read more Pavement cafe Rosebank Rosebank: vibrant, cosmopolitan and well-managed Posted on Rosebank’s status as major business and leisure hub Neil Fraser who is a private consultant in the field of urban… Read more taxi signs Informal minibus taxis in Joburg Posted on Finger in the air: Where do you want to go? Getting around Joburg without your own car is a challenge.… Read more sollys trolley detail Even Solly’s Trolley is Flying the Flag Posted on A familiar sight in the Johannesburg Parks Region Carnival- float meets Christmas -Tree meets Giant- Flower- Arrangement.  Driving around ‘the… Read more 2016-10-31 17.25.36 HDR Eating out in Joburg: special occasions Posted on All these top class restaurants are close to Liz at Lancaster (within a 8km range) except for Roots in the… Read more Rosebank-Art-and-Craft-Market Joburg’s best …. places to buy African artefacts Posted on Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse suggestions for buying local art and craft My favourites are Art Africa for clever, creative contemporary items… Read more
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