10 great reasons to stay at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

10 reasons to stay at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

Fabulous detail, tasteful decor, great comfort and excellent service
Fabulous detail, tasteful decor, great comfort and excellent service Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse
  1. Fast speed internet – the first thing all guests ask for on arrival is the internet password.  And recently, a guest  was so chuffed with the speed here, he downloaded an App to check our speed. Now on a 50 meg fibre optic cable directly to the units we are super fast.
  2. We can all cope better after a good night’s sleep. Things like block-out lining, overhead fans, ambient room heating,  good cross ventilation and of course firm mattresses and excellent quality linen, are often only noticed when they are not present.  Peace and quiet go without saying but the rest all make a huge difference to great sleep quality.
  3. Number 3 has to be service – the keystone of the hospitality industry. And almost without fail those who stay at Liz at Lancaster comment on the amazing staff who offer caring friendly efficient service and always with a huge big smile. Thank you to Catherine, Zac, Thandie, Rose and Alick.
  4. Freedom to do your own thing. You have your own table at breakfast so while you can talk to other guests(it’s not forbidden!!), you don’t have to.  And sitting areas in all units and secluded courtyards allow for independence and privacy. Having said this guests have made long-lasting friendships having met at Liz at Lancaster.
  5. Great way to start the day at with a fabulous view onto the garden
    Great way to start the day at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse with a fabulous view onto the garden
  6. Winter warmth. Many visitors to South Africa say that they have been colder in South Africa than in traditionally colder climes, simply because our houses are not geared for the chilly weather. And Joburg gets cold in winter!  With under-carpet heating,  electric blankets, log fire in the breakfast patio and a toasty wood-burner in the main lounge, guests are assured of beating the cold. And what luxury to walk barefoot on heated tiled bathroom floors!
  7. While the Gautrain is a great option for getting to and from both the airport and Pretoria and Uber has revolutionized taxi services, Zac and now Tagala who works at Liz at Lancaster provides a great on-site transport service at very competitive rates. He knows his way around Joburg and arrangements can be made with him at any time during the day. A real added bonus of staying at Liz at Lancaster.
  8. Self-catering options.  With all units having fully equipped kitchenettes, it is so easy to walk down to the Spar at the end of the block ( a 5 minute walk) and pick up something light for lunches and suppers at home. So guests aren’t forced to eat out every night. Having said that – Craighall Park is surrounded by excellent restaurants, eateries and pavement cafés.  The closest are a 5 minute walk at the end of the block: Casalotti’s Pizzeria and Dolci Café. Cnr Café a mere 2 and a half blocks away has been voted Best Neighbourhood Restaurant on many occasions.
  9. Location! Location! Location! Craighall Park is incredibly centrally located.  In the middle of the Parks region of Joburg, it is 3km from the Rosebank Gautrain Station, 7km from Sandton, and 9km from Johannesburg Central.
  10. A far cry from the sameness and international chic of the big hotel chains (where you could be anywhere in the world), Liz at Lancaster offers individuality and personality and a uniquely South African style.  Apart from Liz’s personal brand of décor, guests can enjoy flowers, bird song in the morning and a wonderful suburban garden setting.  Hard to believe you are 10 minutes from the Central Business District of Sandton.
  11. Artwork and artefacts abound at
    Artwork and artefacts abound at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse
  12.  No 10 has to be Liz’s famous booklet! They say when a city gets its own guide book it has finally come of age. So at last Jozi has made it with the latest publication being  the fabulous Johannesburg In your Pocket. However for many years it was really difficult to get information on what to do and see in Joburg.  With Liz having taught Art History for nearly 20 years at Wits University and then having been involved in heritage research and consultancy, she has an interesting library and knows a fair amount about both the visual culture of Joburg as well as its history, heritage and sites.  She has compiled an in-house information booklet which guests say is very useful ….. but which Liz thinks might secretly help with no 2 above!!

We could give lots more reasons for staying at Liz at Lancaster but we think that 10 is enough!

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