Art and science meet at the Post Office

Neustetter’s fascination with the stars

stamps neustetter
Stamps commissioned by the South African Post Officer

The stars, planets and the night skies have fascinated  and inspired the South African artist Marcus Neustetter over the past few years.   He has collaborated with Bronwen Lace on an arts initiative which explores the relationship between the local community who live in Sutherland in the Northern Cape and the community associated with the world-famous telescope based there.

These artistic interventions formed part of the exhibition at Circa. Newly released are Neustetter’s exquisite stamps commissioned by the South African Post Office to honour South Africa’s contribution to astronomy. I can’t wait to get a set.  They are both beautiful as well as historically and scientifically significant.  Thumbs up to the Post Office for having the vision to use a creative artist to celebrate SA’s contribution to the study of the universe.

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