Birding In Delta Park, Craighall Park – 65 species in a month

Liz at Lancaster has been a member of BirdLife South Africa and a birder friendly establishment for many years and has had many birding luminaries stay here. Both experts and amateurs have loved having breakfast on the breakfast patio looking out into the garden to watch the birds at the feeder. 

I have written often about Delta Park which is a few blocks from Liz at Lancaster. There is a very active What’s App birding group dedicated to the birds seen in Delta (plus ID questions of birds further afield). Many extremely knowledgeable birders in the group share their expertise generously.  At the beginning of December the suggestion was made that those on the group contribute to a joint list of “December 2021 birds” recorded in the boundary (ground, water and air) of Delta Park only, not the surrounding residential areas.   By the end of the first week the list was at 45 and by month end the list stood at 65.   Here is the list in the order they were spotted.

Congratulations to all who contributed to this list and here’s to more birding in 2022.[/caption

Here is a fuller (but VERY old list … TWENTY years ago) from 2002. 

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