LizAtLancaster: a Bird watcher’s paradise

With the upturn in occupancy now that travel has opened up, we have been able to encourage our birds back into the garden again. Guests are loving the variety and activity at the bird table. 

And the first attempt to seduce Ms Weaver. Many more attempts before she was satisfied.
And the end of a long day after a second attempt
A “Kwê-ness” or “cluckery” of Go Away birds or Grey Loeries (Turaco family)
The pecking order choosing from the buffet of nuts (parakeet), seeds (sparrow) and bonemeal (green wood hoepoes)
A pair of boubou’s nesting in the garden delight with their endless repertoire of calls.
Awaiting a turn
And don’t forget the hadedas, thrushes, robin chats, bulbuls – the list is long!

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