Nice feedback on Liz at Lancaster customer service

Here’s a copy of an Email received from Theresa  (booking enquiry) to Chris on Radio Today:

I have been looking for a month’s accommodation for someone and made contact with Liz at Lancaster Guest House. She did not have availability – but she PHONED all the guesthouses in the area in order to be able to get back to me with availability at other establishments! How truly amazing is this! As a matter of fact – all the guesthouses in the Parks area recommended other establishments without hesitation – fantastic service! But thank you Liz! You are just fantastic! Chris – would be nice if you could mention it on your rant and rave programme as a huge RAVE!

So thanks Theresa for the recognition (completely unexpected). I was just happy to be able to help Theresa as well as to pass on a possible booking to others in the Rosebank Region Accommodation Association and fill an empty bed!

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