Do your research before booking accommodation for post-operative recuperation

Liz at Lancaster is the perfect place to stay

Hospitals near Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse  

Rosebank Clinic 3km from Liz at Lancaster

Clearly when undergoing surgery the first two things to get right are the surgeon and the hospital. There are at least 4 excellent hospitals within 10 km of Liz at Lancaster and there are several world doctors at these hospitals (distances in brackets)

Several plastic surgeons use Liz at Lancaster for their patients

We have hosted patients recuperating from a wide range of medical procedures, including many who have been recovering from plastic surgery.  Over the years Liz at Lancaster has been fortunate to host patients from many of South Africa’s top plastic surgeons

  1.  Dr. Saul Braun
  2. Dr Rick Van Der Poel 
  3. Dr Moshe Fayman  
  4. Dr Charles Serrurier 

These 4 doctors practice at the Rosebank Clinic.   Working out of Wits Donny Gordon Medical Centre are

  1. Dr Richard Stott at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Institute
  2. Dr Marshall Murdoch 

     Dr. Peter Scott  works out of  the Morningside Clinic.

Stay at Liz at Lancaster Guest House

Stay at our well located Guest House and recuperate from operations at nearby hospitals. View our Rosebank Guest House for Rates and Availability!

Things to think about when choosing a place to stay for post-operative care

Not quite as crucial, but very important for peaceful and pleasant post-operative care, is to choose a place to stay that is comfortable, quiet, and where staff and owners have had experience in dealing with recuperating patients.  A caring and nurturing attitude counts for a lot when recovering from a medical procedure.

10 reasons to choose Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse for a post-operative stay 

Enclosed private courtyards at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse allow for fresh air and privacy
  1. Perhaps the biggest advantage is privacy and being able to recuperate out of the public eye.  With rooms opening out onto private enclosed courtyards, guests can make the most of fresh air and secluded privacy. 
  2. Our beds are super-comfy with excellent firm mattresses and various pillow options available. 
  3. The area is incredibly peaceful in terms of noise. We don’t hear traffic noise, barking dogs, or general street noise. Guests often comment at how quiet it is at night. 
  4. The internet is fast and stable with a high-speed 50 meg fibre optic cable directly to the establishment.
    All units at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse have fully equipped kitchenettes
  5. Although Liz at Lancaster can provide healthy post-operative lunches and suppers, with fully equipped kitchenettes in all units, once guests feel strong enough, they really appreciate the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of being able to prepare their own light meals.
  6. Many guests choose to have their breakfasts served in their rooms or in their patios – at the time of their choice. There’s a choice of health breakfasts with freshly prepared fresh fruit salad and health muesli (no wheat) or a Continental breakfast with croissants and preserves or a full cooked breakfast. OR .. a combination of all 3! 
  7. Liz, Catherine and Tagala all live on site plus there are intercoms from all rooms to the staff, main house and office so there is there is always somebody to contact.  
    Staff at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse: Thandie, Rose. Tagala (aka Mr T) Liz, Alick and Catherine
  8. As a registered transport provider Tagala (aka Mr T) provides on-site transport needs: airport transfers, drop-off and collection at the hospital and drives to any attractions or shopping destinations.
  9. We do on-site washing and ironing with a 24 hour turnaround.
  10. All units have DVD machines and we have a basic DVD lending library with about 100 DVDS from different genres

Come and stay with us – you won’t be disappointed! 

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