Jozi suburban street life

Some things are very South African, in fact probably very Joburg. The cry of the mielie-seller with her trolley, the leather worker on his wonky chair with his pile of shoes and sundry items, single sweets and fruit laid out on a sloping makeshift table at the corner vendor, waste pickers with their massive load of recycling, and broom sellers.  Mbulchwe Promise Nodladlu Luthando deserves special mention. This is his message on Facebook yesterday:

good morning Craighall People. Please visit my shop at corner Cambridge ave and Norfolk ave in Craighall Park and choose one or more items to support my business. I have Grass Brooms, Brush Brooms, Kids Brooms, Kids Mop, Kids Rake, Big Mop, Big Rake, and many more things.  I like to ask everyone to come and support me, [PROMISE] CORNER CAMBRIDGE AVE AND NORFOLK AVE IN CRAIGHALL PARK and please come straight to my corner shop do not stop anywhere — feeling fresh.

Broom seller Craighall Park (photograph from Facebook)
Creative product display (photograph from Facebook)

I’ve written before about the importance of ’embracing’ informal trading and this is but one more example.  Here’s to a rise in sales Promise. 

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