Treasure hunting in Delta Park

Finding treasure at Liz at Lancaster 

Some time ago in BC days (Before Covid) I made up a treasure hunt for one my young grandsons who was having a week-end sleepover. What excitement as he hurtled from one clue to another, each clue carefully zig-zagged at the furthest possible distance from each other around the guesthouse public spaces and garden, and even to pavement and the now well-known community bookbox

Treasure to be found all over the Guesthouse property

Open-air Treasure Hunts in the Parks

When the parks opened for exercise in mid-July, it got me thinking about things to do with kids in the fresh air and sunshine. What better than an outdoor treasure hunt. Walking down at Delta Park just between the Blue Bridge at the bottom of Craighall Park and the first wooden bridge to the north there are fabulous clues to set for “treasures” to find.  Tabby cats, rapids, spiritual circles (that’s a tough one), weirs, basketball  hoops, reflections and of course dogs of all shapes and sizes (add points if they are swimming but take off points if said dog is chasing a water bird); birds (youngsters are like sponges when it comes to bird watching; see Delta’s birding list); horses; moleholes; bicycles; tree types; the possibilities are endless. 

Time she has faded these tabbies. This photo was taken in 2017.
Rapids …. If home schooling is frying everybody’s minds, you can extend vocab on an outdoors walk while working off small people’s excess steam!
Lone Blacksmith’s Plover/Lapwing with reflection in a circular space used by small charismatic religious gatherings over weekends. As you can see from the green grass, this photo was taken some time ago during the rainy season.
Double points: Basket ball hoop AND horses
If the young ones can’t read yet, you can give them the logo to find the bike trail signs; or they need to look for the actual bike trails themselves (And work out which are for walkers and which are for bikes … sometimes a challenge even for adult walkers!)
A lone grey heron surveying the burnt grassland inside the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary.

They can even make their own reflections

Beautiful golden auburn Highveld winter colours

And if you all have fun doing this, there is loads to see and explore in Delta Centre itself 

And best of all Delta Cafe  is a great outdoor venue for pizzas and a refreshing drink. 

Get out and beat the Lockdown blues – it’ll be good for everybody! 

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